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12 Tote Storage System

12 Tote Storage System



The Bin Warehouse 12 Tote Storage System is the perfect way to store and organize the 32 Gallon Fold-A-Totes or any tote and bin that you would like. This unique design of the Bin Warehouse allows the totes to slip in and out easily and provides access to any tote separately. Bin Warehouse Storage Systems are made of durable PVC tubes and comes filled with wall mounting hardware. In addition, they include 12 I.D. brands for your convenience. Using Phillips power screwdriver with a # 2 small bit. The unit retains twelve 18 to 32-gallon storage totes or 12 Bin Warehouse Fold-A-Totes.


Includes 12 Identification labels
Holds 12 storage area bins utilizing minimal space
Bins slip in and out easily
Unit will endure to 1200 pounds and easily mounts to the wall
Perfect for garages, basements, safe-keeping rooms, dormitory rooms and walk-in closets
Lifetime warrantee on alternative parts

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