About Bin Warehouse


Bin Warehouse is a fast growing company dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, durable products at affordable prices. In business for more than 15 years, Bin Warehouse looks forward to helping others with our custom storage units and plastic and fabric totes.


In 1998, two long-time friends, Al Baldoni and Bernie Zipay, came up with the idea to assist families in finding solutions to their closet organization and home storage problems. They felt plastic storage containers were a great solution, however, storing these containers created another headache. So, they designed a racking system specifically designed for plastic storage containers. A few years later in 2001, they created the “File Box Edition” of their storage systems designed for storing and organizing important file documents and folders for home and office storage. Soon after, the popular canvas Fold-A-Totes became the latest addition to a growing line of storage products.

Bin warehouse provides home and office wall mounted shelving for organizing and storing totes, bins and file boxes. We have designed various models from the 12 tote, 12 tote compact, 8 tote18 file box, 8 file box and 9, 22, & 32 gallon fold-a-totes.

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