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FAQ frequently asked questions and help with bin warehouse assembly!

How Long Does The Bin Warehouse Storage System Take To Assemble

How Long Does The Bin Warehouse Storage System Take To put together? Well it varies depending onmtools used and the builders skill level and if you have help. For the large 12 Tore and 18 File Box Storage System I would leave an hour for assembly. You can drastically improve the assembly time if using a powered screw driver and if you have a helper to help hold things and hand you parts and pieces as needed.


I lost A Mounting Bracket Or Piece Of Hardware! What Do I Do Now?

Bin Warehouse offers lifetime warrentton all replacement parts of our storage systems! Just give us a call at  Call: (570) 489-6697 – or email E-mail:   Provide the model of the unit you are seeking parts for and also describe the part needed and or send a photo of the broken part if possible. You may… Continue Reading

I lost My Bin Warehouse Assembly Instructions!

No worries you can download a copy of the Bin Warehouse Storage System Assembly Guide or watch our online assembly videos below!   Bin Warehouse 12 Tote Assembly Video Help! Bin Warehouse 18 File Box Assembly Video Help! Bin Warehouse 8 Tote Assembly Video Help!   Continue Reading

My Bin Warehouse Came Without Hardware (Screws)

Please don’t worry in some cases we may actually miss a set of hardware assembly screws but that’s very rare as we pride ourselves in the highest quality products and quality manufacturing for the Bin Warehouse Storage Systems! Anyway back to the missing hardware please be sure to take all PVC pipes out of the… Continue Reading